Oh! So Personal Gift Card

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There is this particular type of person. You’ve known and liked them for a long time, they’re your friend, so you attend their birthdays and exchange Christmas gifts every year. And yet, every time you have to come up with a present, you always draw a blank.

You know who I’m talking about, don’t you.

And this is why we came up with our Oh! So Personal Gift Card: precisely with that particular person in mind. You can celebrate your years-long relationship by giving them something that they will truly enjoy. Present them with their future favourite T-shirt or hoodie, without turning your hair grey in the process.

The Gift Card comes along with a printable quote card, just so you still have something to wrap and put the ribbon on. But that’s completely up to you of course :)

First 20 Gift Cards include a free shipping code, so don't miss that!

Oh! So Personal Gift Card