"Not Today, Satan" Sticker

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Let’s be honest, this reality ain’t as perfect as it should be. There’s little we can do sometimes, but we have one way for you. Our Not today, Satan vinyl stickers from Sabrina’s universe will help you revamp this otherwise grey, boring reality. 

Full of magic, pretty, so wine-red, and in one size perfect for just about anything. You can stick one on your notebook cover and one inside of it. Another one on your laptop, and maybe one more on the fridge. How about your door, calendar or—call us crazy—the wall? Stick them all over the place if you want! And your friends’ places too, because why not. 

Just order one (or one million) and set off to create your own magical reality in less than 5 minutes. Boredom and sadness won’t get you. At least not today, Satan.

Product specs

  • 5 cm x 5 cm
  • White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
  • PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
  • 2-4 year outdoor life
  • PVC free product

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"Not Today, Satan" Sticker
"Not Today, Satan" Sticker