All you wanted to know about Oh! So POP shop and were not afraid to ask.

I bought one of Oh! So Personal items. What now?

If you ordered one of our custom made items, we will reach out soon to get some information from you. In order to make it Oh! So Personal, we need: 1) a reference photo of a person you want to portray, 2) a quote you’d like to include and 3) to know which POP character you picked. Once we have all that information, we’ll send you a preview graphic within a week, which we’ll update if you have any remarks. As soon as this is done, the design is sent to our supplier to be printed and shipped by them. At that point, there is nothing we can do to change a design or speed up the process.

What characters can I choose from?

You can choose from all of the pop-culture characters that are out there. Even if we haven’t heard of them yet. Just remember to attach the photo of this character along with the rest of the information, if it’s not that popular :)

How can I make it easier for you? (Nobody really asks, but well...)

Thanks for asking! It would be great if the picture that you are sending over had a person portrayed in three-quarter view.

How fast do you ship?

As close to Solo’s “Kessel Run” as possible (under 12 parsecs). Regular items get fulfilled as soon as they are paid. Custom-made items need up to a week for the design to be completed and then they follow the regular items’ route.

I really need this by tomorrow! Can you help?

We don’t use magic at work, but if you need your custom item sooner (not tomorrow though), drop us an email and if we can make it happen, we will. Just remember, that there is one person drawing these designs and she occasionally has to sleep ;)

I have other questions that are not here.

You do? Cool! Drop us a message using the contact form or use one of our social media channels :)