Oh! So Us

Ekhm, is it on?

My name is Ula and I'm the illustrator behind Oh! So POP. It all started with my first POP graphic, that I made for my husband back in February 2019. Then my friends saw it and wanted one too. So I started drawing all kinds of pop culture characters as portraits of my friends and family. Beginning with Han Solo, Holly Golightly, Leo Messi and Hermione followed soon after.

On the brown paper, there is the original graphic of my husband portrayed as Han Solo and his picture in a hoodie after he got it. On top there's a handwritten caption "This is how it all started".

Eventually, people started asking for regular portraits in my style and the illustrations depicting their pets. Meanwhile, I was drawing my favourite characters from movies, books and TV series just because it was making me happy (and probably a better illustrator too!).

Now, I have to mention my bestie, Katarzyna, whose businessy attitude to life made me actually open this shop. We were commenting on one of my graphics and all of a sudden she went like “Why don’t you open a shop, gal? Geeks from all around the world would love it!”. And so I did exactly what she said. I opened Oh! So POP shop. Now she’s helping me with copywriting for SEO (if you’re in need of a great copy, make sure to check out her website).

Oh! So POP is the fruit of my passion for drawing and the idea, that most people like myself would love to wear a hoodie or a T-shirt with themselves pictured as Sabrina Spellman, Geralt of Rivia or Enola Holmes. I'm giving you a chance to become someone else, even if it's only in print. Isn't that great?

You can also get your dog or cat (or even your sheep!) pictured as Drogon, Baby Yoda or Chucky. I promise they will be Oh! So cute ;)

Finally, I keep drawing my pop culture heroes and they are also available in the shop on clothes and other accessories. There are a few of my original portraits too, so look for them if you want to wear something less obvious.

Care to guess who I drew myself as? :)

Me in my hoodie :)