Why so serious? The origin story of Oh! So POP.

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Hey you! It's nice meeting you here. Thank's for popping in.

My name is Ula and I'm the person behind Oh! So POP, the store for the geekiest of geeks. Like some of you, I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter, while drinking my morning coffee at Luke's Dinner. I've already found my Lobster, who is currently my husband, and I'm a mother of two wingless dragons which enjoy purring on my lap when I draw.

But enough about me and my magical existence. This story goes all the way back to the mid-winter of 2019, when I found myself lacking an idea for a proper Valentine's gift for my husband. Have you ever been in such situation? I bet you have. So there I was, wondering what kind of present would make my better half happy. And you must know that he's one of the biggest (but not geekiest) Star Wars fans I know.

So I sat down one day and started drawing. I immediately knew that it has to be Han Solo. After all, who doesn't love the charming scoundrel? Then, I figured, why not put Mat's face on Han. And that's exactly what I did.

It took me approximately 10 hours to finish the graphic and then I faced the problem of choosing the company that would print it for me on a hoodie. My first choice ended up being so terrible, I almost cried. The colours were bland and there was a thick line of red paint right under the neck line, which most definitely wasn't on the project. I had a week left till Valentine's Day.

I had to find another company that would meet my timeline and luckily I did. The hoodie came a day before the deadline. I was saved!

As you can see from the photo, my husband loved his new hoodie. Especially, because his last hoodie was no longer presentable enough to wear in public. But I want to believe that was not just it ;)

Then I showed his Han Solo portrait to some friends and I got myself the first few orders. I shouldn't really call them orders, because I was drawing the portraits for free, but it was what it was. There were people who wanted to wear my designs.

Now, almost 2 years later, I decided to open a shop that will help all of you become your favourite pop culture characters. Since February 2019 I drew a lot of different portraits of people and pets, and it no longer takes me 10 hours to draw one piece. So I think I'm ready to bring your heroes to life and put them on hoodies, T-shirts and practically whatever else.

Want one? Go to the shop and order now :)

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